Commercial Debt Recovery
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SCJ, Inc. is one of the most respected commercial debt recovery agencies in the industry. We’ve earned our reputation through professionalism, integrity, competence and extraordinary performance on behalf of our clients.

We save you both time and money

SCJ, Inc. recognizes that time is indeed money for our clients. Our highly effective and proven recovery strategies have been uniquely designed to produce efficient resolution of delinquencies. Our skilled professionals are among the most capable in the industry, and our services have generated a consistent rate of recovery that exceeds established industry standards.

You pay only for proven performance

Because SCJ, Inc. works for its clients exclusively on a contingency basis, we are paid only when you are paid. Our interests correspond with yours.

Our recovery strategies place paramount importance on both diligence and discretion. We attempt to preserve the option of retaining overdue debtors as future customers if you so desire.

By taking the crucial first step by contacting us today, you can maximize your recoveries, strengthen your cash flow, improve your bottom line, and solidly contribute to your company’s profitable growth.

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