Account Recovery Services

SCJ, Inc. offers a full range of commercial debt recovery services. Our services can be combined and customized to meet each client’s specific needs. We handle both domestic and international accounts with equal rates of success.

We provide accounts receivable management programs for active portfolios of receivables. Cash flow, customer service and client retention are paramount in any business. Our programs are designed to enhance the cash flow while servicing, protecting and preserving the revenue stream.

An Effective Alternative to Litigation

Unlike many agencies, SCJ, Inc. focuses on negotiating delinquent-account resolutions that generate cash for our clients, rather than merely providing time-consuming, expensive and complicated legal forwarding, which does not inherently guarantee award in favor of the client.

Our proven recovery efforts begin with a thorough financial investigation, using a variety of research techniques and resources to accurately identify the financial and legal status of each delinquent debtor.

We use this information as leverage to influence and motivate the debtor to negotiate a positive resolution – without the need for complicated, expensive, time-consuming litigation.

Strategic Resolution

Commercial debt recovery is as much an art as a science. The resolutions we achieve for our clients are the result of diligence, determination and creative negotiation – informed by our recognition of the differences between delinquencies motivated by unwillingness to pay and those caused by limited ability to pay.

Where the debtor can afford to pay, our professional approach is effective in uncovering any unresolved issues that may be resulting in unwillingness to pay. This enables us to negotiate the delinquent matter objectively and achieve an agreeable solution.

Where there are money problems, our approach is to address the debtors’ cash flow challenges directly. While preserving their dignity, we persistently work to achieve agreement with them on a means of payment that—without our extensive and revealing research—may not have been achievable.